- Jenn

I am a cooking novice and Lindsay helped make a Valentine's Day extra special by waling me through a prime rib recipe.  I had thought it was so much more difficult but it was so easy to follow the step by step instructions. It turned out so delicious.

- Evan

I was hosting a themed dinner party for friends, and didn't want to order take out. I contacted Lindsay, and she helped me to create the perfect menu from start to finish, recipes included. She was available to answer questions whenever I had them, and everything turned out perfectly.

- Helen

I planned a tea party for my daughter's birthday party. Lindsay helped me come up with drinks and finger foods for grown-ups and children alike. She also came up with ideas and games that played off the food and theme. Everyone had a good time, no matter what their age, and there was something for each attendee.

I wanted to make a family dinner and impress everyone. I found her braised short rib recipe. It is still to this day the best braised short rib dish I have tried.

- Ann