The Cusinart Smart Stick: A must have for homemade soup!


      It's winter, it's cold, and all I want are one pot meals, soups and stews. Nothing says winter to me, like the smells of comfort food emanating from my ovens!

     I am obsessed with making my own, super simple soups - like my roasted butternut squash soup, or my vegan roasted tomato soup. Both super easy, tasty, and family friendly. If you, like me, love warm winter soups (or even warm weather chilled soups), and want to try making your own, then you need the Cuisinart Smart Stick.  It's an immersion blender that lets you puree ingredients right in the bowl you cooked them in. No more messy transfers to a blender, nor waiting for ingredients to cool down before mixing. Not with this blender.  All you do, is turn it on.  It's that simple. And yes, you need this. It's one of my most favorite and oft-used kitchen tools! Totally worth it.

You Need ThisLindsay Smith