Quick Tip: Spatchcocking

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Spatchcocking your poultry is a quick and easy way to ensure all parts of the chicken cook to their correct temperate, and to reduce cooking time overall. It enables you to have both crispy skin and moist meat. And, did I mention it saves time?!?! And, is super easy to do?

This is one of those methods, that once you add it to your cooking repertoire, you will consistently use it. All. The. Time.

Although you can use this method for any type of poultry (even your Thanksgiving), and I do, for this how-to I will be using a chicken, since it's the most commonly cooked poultry. In fact, if I am not stuffing it, or creating a pan gravy, it's my favorite way to roast an entire chicken. .


Once your chicken is ready to roast, pat it dry, removing any leftover marinade or brining liquid.






Breast side down and using poultry shears, cut along both sides of the backbone, and remove it, in it's entirety.






Flip the chicken over and spread it open. Using the palms of your hand, apply pressure directly to the breast bone. You will hear a cracking noise, as the ribs along both sides break.





Continue to work along both sides, applying pressure as you go, until you are able to lay the whole chicken out flat.






That's it. That's all there is to it. If you are interested in my favorite way to brine and roast a chicken this way, check out my recipe for Herb-Brined Spatchcocked Chicken.